PUMA Press Centre > RUNNING/TRAINING http://news.puma.com/running-training/all 17628215-5d9c-4ec3-b9a9-c89f61bf6270/PHENOM LUX - Stand Out and Help Out http://news.puma.com/latest-news/phenom-lux---stand-out-and-help-out/s/17628215-5d9c-4ec3-b9a9-c89f61bf6270 PHENOM LUX - Stand Out and Help Out Selena Gomez’s first design collaboration with PUMA, is the highly anticipated Phenom Lux—a shoe that is made to stand out and help out. Designed for training, but styled for slaying, Phenom Lux... ]]> 3/28/2018 9:37:00 PM 361145ef-2b67-4e55-9e8a-9e0203d7d6ae/PUMA'S USAIN BOLT TRAINS WITH BORUSSIA http://news.puma.com/latest-news/puma-s-usain-bolt-trains-with-borussia/s/361145ef-2b67-4e55-9e8a-9e0203d7d6ae PUMA'S USAIN BOLT TRAINS WITH BORUSSIA Usain Bolt’s latest career move? Professional football. The fastest way to football greatness? Train in some of the world’s best facilities with some of the game's top players. This week, Usain... ]]> 3/23/2018 3:16:00 PM 6ca7cfa4-21a6-4ef8-8a32-2c541f3f72d8/PUMA® PARTNERS WITH SELENA GOMEZ http://news.puma.com/latest-news/puma--partners-with-selena-gomez/s/6ca7cfa4-21a6-4ef8-8a32-2c541f3f72d8 PUMA® PARTNERS WITH SELENA GOMEZ Singer, Actress and Producer to Collaborate with the Brand and to Enhance their Women’s Business Today, global sports brand PUMA announced a long-term partnership with singer, actress, and... ]]> 9/19/2017 5:06:00 PM 240c9bb4-8990-48d6-aa51-227fe1b8b4d1/PUMA CELEBRATES USAIN BOLT'S JOURNEY AND FINAL RACE WITH BOLT LEGACY SPIKES http://news.puma.com/latest-news/puma-celebrates-usain-bolt-s-journey-and-final-race-with-bolt-legacy-spikes/s/240c9bb4-8990-48d6-aa51-227fe1b8b4d1 PUMA CELEBRATES USAIN BOLT'S JOURNEY AND FINAL RACE WITH BOLT LEGACY SPIKES Tonight in London, global sports brand PUMA hosted a press conference to celebrate Usain Bolt and his legendary status and long track & field career. Usain was reminded of key moments in his life... ]]> 8/2/2017 12:52:00 AM bbdc0437-607c-4137-8f04-f8f3987053ce/USAIN BOLT AND STAR STUDDED LINEUP STEP UP TO UNVEIL REVOLUTION IN FOOTWEAR http://news.puma.com/latest-news/usain-bolt-and-star-studded-lineup-step-up-to-unveil-revolution-in-footwear/s/bbdc0437-607c-4137-8f04-f8f3987053ce USAIN BOLT AND STAR STUDDED LINEUP STEP UP TO UNVEIL REVOLUTION IN FOOTWEAR PUMA ® reinvents lacing with NETFIT technology PUMA gave an excited VIP crowd of guests, sneaker freaks and influencers the first look at the future of sports and lifestyle footwear at a... ]]> 5/5/2017 11:12:00 AM 5ed8a483-ac01-4f5a-b36a-5aed6e688fdb/PUMA SIGNS SEVEN NEW JAMAICA ATHLETES http://news.puma.com/latest-news/puma-signs-seven-new-jamaica-athletes/s/5ed8a483-ac01-4f5a-b36a-5aed6e688fdb PUMA SIGNS SEVEN NEW JAMAICA ATHLETES Global Sports Brand PUMA continues their commitment with up and coming athletes, and its mission to be the fastest sports brand in the world by signing seven Jamaican athletes to represent them in... ]]> 1/23/2017 10:11:00 AM