• 19-FEB-2010

PUMA Launches the POWERCAT Football Collection

Sportlifestyle company PUMA AG announces the launch of the POWERCAT Football collection, which includes performance boots, jerseys, gloves, shin-guards and a ball. Following on the heels of the PUMA SPEED Collection, introduced in October 2009, the POWERCAT Collection debuts for the Spring Summer 2010 football season and will be worn by PUMA sponsored teams, Italy, Switzerland and Uruguay at the FIFA World Cup 2010™ tournament.

The POWER collection takes its inspiration from idea of 'raw' football, harkening back to a player's primal instincts of fight versus flight. The collection is designed for each player to maximize his or her 'fight' instinct – when lining up for the national anthem, preparing for a challenge or most importantly when making contact with the ball. Each product in the collection is inspired by the fearless attitude of the great white shark, the determination of a World Champion heavyweight boxer and the sleek, engineered look of a modern superhero. PUMA's POWERCAT PowerCat Collection, in the seasonal colorways, will be available at select PUMA retail stores, at www.puma.com and wholesale partners beginning February 27.