• 17-AUG-2009

Lightning Bolt Strikes Again In Berlin Breaking His Own World Record In The 100m

Three-time Jamaican Olympic gold medalist and PUMA athlete Usain 'Lightning' Bolt shattered his own world record and delivered a stunning first place finish in the 100m on Sunday night at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, cementing his title as the "Fastest Man in the World".

The clear favourite, Bolt surged ahead of his components and clocked the fastest time ever recorded for the 100m race, 9.58 seconds. He edged out rivals Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, shattering his previous record of 9.69 seconds set at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008.

The Jamaican sprinter raced to victory in his custom-designed Theseus Pro sprint spike, dubbed the PUMA YAAM, now considered the fastest shoes in the world.