• 12-MAY-2014

COBRA Golfs New Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids

Baffler Fairway

COBRA Golf is continuing to make golf easier. Easy to hit it far, easy to hit it straight and, most importantly, easy to enjoy the game. The new Baffler® XL Fairways and Hybrids feature a new, high MOI Tungsten Perimeter design with oversized rails to make the most forgiving and easiest to hit Bafflers COBRA has ever created.

“The Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids were designed with the specific intent to make golf easier,” commented Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development. “We achieved that through the combination of a high MOI clubhead, low CG, pronounced rails and increased Tungsten in the perimeter. All of these technologies work together to increase ball speed, lower spin, improve confidence at address and ultimately make the ball go farther and make golf easier and more enjoyable.”