• 20-AUG-2008

PUMA Athlete Usain Bolt Shatters Another World Record in the 200m

Wearing the now infamous custom-designed Theseus Pro sprint spike, dubbed the PUMA YAAM, after his favorite food, Usain Bolt exploded out of the starting block and powered past the pack, running hard through the end, again cementing his title as the "Fastest Man in the World". The PUMA YAAM sprint spike that propelled him to victory twice in the last week was developed by a team of PUMA designers and technicians who studied and measured Bolt's stride and foot form. With this information and ongoing track-testing, they created a custom-made sprint spike that best suits Usain's unique body kinetics. The vibrant orange color was chosen to contrast Olympic Stadium's signature blue track. The shoe is designed to provide power, speed and stability. The "engine" of the show is a carbon plate, which adds speed and power but no weight. PUMA has also designed an athletic, low-profile version of Usain's signature track spike, called the PUMA STREET YAAM, which will be available at select retail locations later in the year.